Live in Liverpool, Leeds & Kidderminster. Not available in Shrewsbury

Axe throwing with a splash!

If you've been axe throwing with us before then you'll know the set-up! We have allocated 2 lanes in our Leeds, Liverpool and Kidderminster venues to this new game.

So how do you play?

It's simple - each player in your group gets to sit under the bucket whilst the rest of your group get 5 throws each to cut the rope and spill the bucket. You can decide the order of play by spinning our roulette wheel! 

The tank

The tank is an open top cubic metre tank with a raised floor and a log pedestal to sit on. You will have full view of your opponents pitching for the rope on either side!

The bucket

Well what can we say - it's a bucket, suspended on a flip plate and held in place by the rope fed across the neighbouring lane target boards. It also holds 5 litres of water!

The rope

We can't make it too easy or too hard so you're looking at half inch thick rope fed across the boards and held by knots and eye bolts.

The axes

Well, these will be a little bit sharper for obvious reasons!

What happens once you've soaked a player!

We'll set the stage again if you want to continue! Oh, and we sell t-shirts too!

Recording the moment

Make sure someones on hand to record your antics - if not we're more than happy to set up the venue Go-Pro.


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