Scoreboard Challenge

Win £250 Cash!

The Cost

£3 for a one round throw of 10 axes / £5 for a two round throw of 10 axes (highest round submitted to the board)

The Round

The participant will throw 10 axes with scores being recorded by TimberJacks. The maximum possible score is 100 (10 blue dot hits). Axes out of the scoring zone or out of the board cannot be re-taken.

The Axe

Participants can choose to use our normal lane axes or our premium Blackforest axe for the round of throws.

Venue Highest Score

At each venue, the participant with the higest score at the end of 2019 will win £100 cash. If there is a joint high score, all will be invited to play a 3 round game to decide the outright winner.

Cross Venue Highest Score

The participant with the highest score recorded across all of our venues will win an additional £150 cash.

Venue Top 50 Scorers

The top 50 scorers from each venue at the end of 2019 will be invited to participate in a new TimberJacks axe throwing league launching in 2020.

Publishing Scores

Participant scores will be published upon our scoreboards within the venues and online. Additionally, every participant can download a score certificate from our website.


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