TimberJacks & The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Current Status:

Temporarily Closed


If you have an existing party booking

For those of you who have booked parties and paid deposits we are happy to move those to future dates without loss of deposit or transferring of deposits to e-gift cards. 

If you have purchased 2 for 1 tickets

For those of you who have 2 for 1 tickets we are urging customers to keep hold of them. These are non-expiring and no longer available to purchase. If you do have tickets, you have a bit of a bargain - which of course will be ready to use when normal service resumes.

When do we anticipate re-opening?

We are hoping that we can re-open on the 1st August. Although this is dependant upon the government lifting restrictions in our sector.

In the meantime, we have chosen to re-open our booking system following the implementation of a few changes. 

As always, we appreciate very much your support - especially throughout the last few months. 


We hope to see you all soon.

Last updated 15/06/2020