TimberJacks Fire Sack


What happens to our used target boards? Well, they're returned to our factory and processed into small chunks of firewood. Our wood is bone dry and perfect for use in smaller log burners, patio burners, campfires, and BBQs - our customers love them! Please note that our firewood chunks may break into smaller pieces whilst in the sack due to the nature of their previous use. However, we find the smaller fragments are particularly useful in helping you to start your fire.

The price above includes delivery. The price in our venues is £15 when purchasing and collecting your first fire sack in person. The price then reduces to £7 when exchanging your empty sack in one of our venues for a replacement full sack. We recommend checking with your nearest venue for availability before making a special journey.

Sack Dimensions & Weight

Height: 75cm

Width: 60cm

Estimated Weight: 20-25kg