Get ready for the ultimate challenge with our thrilling new 'Slayers Club' game! Do you have what it takes to take down two zombies with a head strike on the target with just 3 axes? It's time to put your aim to the test and collect all four level completion tees. Show off your precision and become the ultimate zombie-slaying champion! So grab your gear, step up to the challenge, and let's see if you can complete the Slayers journey in style. Let the games begin!






World War

Level I

The planet was plunged into chaos as the world war raged on, ultimately leading to the devastating use of bio weapons that wiped out nearly the entire population. Now, only a mere 1% of humanity remains - turned into horrifying flesh-eating zombies who roam the desolate streets in search of their next meal. Amongst the carnage, a small group of survivors must band together and make their way to a safe sanctuary located 2000 miles away. Armed with nothing but throwing axes, they must navigate through hordes of undead creatures blocking their path. With each throw, they aim for those deadly head strikes that are the only way to truly kill these relentless flesh-eating stalkers. The journey ahead is perilous and fraught with danger, but there is no choice but to press forward towards hope and safety amidst this apocalyptic nightmare.

Acid H2O

Level II

400 miles into your journey, just when you thought you had faced every possible danger the apocalypse could throw at you, a fierce thunderstorm erupted overhead. The once clear sky turned ominous shades of grey as bolts of lightning crackled through the air. But it wasn't just rain that fell from the sky - it was acid rain, a deadly mix caused by a chemical gas release from an obliterated plant nearby. As the acidic drops burned through anything they touched, you quickly donned your full rain cover and tightened your grip on your trusty zombie killing axes. With adrenaline pumping through your veins, you knew there was no time to waste. You had to make it to safe cover before any more damage could be done. Every step forward felt like an eternity as you remained vigilant, scanning for any signs of danger lurking in the toxic downpour. But with determination driving you onward, nothing was going to stand in your way - not even Mother Nature herself.


These are physical items that will help you through this level.

Rain Cover


Level III

You're now over half way to safe sanctuary and joining your fellow survivors. The toughest of desert terrain lies ahead and the winds are increasing with a rolling sand storm cloud heading towards you on the horizon. From your back pack you'll need to protect your face with eye goggles and a dust mask to weather the storm and continue on your journey. You see a derelict motel up on the highway which could be harbouring more blood thirsty zombies. As you quickly put on your gear, adrenaline courses through your veins, fueling your determination to push forward despite the looming threat. With each step, the howling wind grows louder and grains of sand sting against your skin like tiny needles. But you press on, knowing that every moment wasted puts you at greater risk of being overtaken by both nature's fury and the undead lurking nearby. The thought of reaching safety spurs you onward, driving you to defy all odds in this unforgiving wasteland where danger lurks at every turn - have your axes at the ready.


These are physical items that will help you through this level.


Face Mask


Level IV

You're just 2 days away from safe sanctuary and the sky is glowing with a furious forest fire ahead. The flames dance ominously, threatening to block your path to safety. But you are determined to push through, no matter what obstacles stand in your way. As you make your way along the fire tracks, dodging falling debris and feeling the intense heat licking at your skin, you spot a lumberjack's cabin up ahead. Without hesitation, you rush inside and grab some protective head gear and welding gauntlets to shield yourself from the blistering heat. Your heart races as you prepare for what lies ahead - crazed killers lurking along the track, ready to pounce at any moment. But armed with your newfound protection and unwavering determination, you press on towards the end of this perilous journey. Safe haven awaits, but first you must face whatever challenges come your way with courage and cunning. Good luck on completing your slayers journey!


These are physical items that will help you through this level.


Face Mask

Fire Gloves

Game Rules

1. Each gameplay is limited to three axe throw attempts.

2. To complete a level, a single axe must embed and remain in the head of each of the two zombies.

3. Players cannot progress to the next level without completing the previous level.

4. The indicated gameplay safety wear must be worn in levels 2, 3 and 4 as this is an integral part of the game which increases level difficulty.

5. Gameplays will be video recorded for submission to the online Slayers wall of fame upon successful level completion.

6. Not all levels have to be completed in one session.

7. Level completion tees are produced on demand and will be available to collect from your playing venue within 5 days.

8. Use of own axes is permitted.

9. Zombies will be placed to the left and right of the bullseye in line vertically with the blue dots. We may to choose to alter the position of the zombies if there are underlying knots in the target board.

10. Level completion tees cannot be purchased and are exclusive to gameplay only.