Black Forest Spalthammer

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The Black Forest Spalthammer has a heavy 2.8 kg head designed for splitting large logs, difficult trunks and heavy firewood.  The head has flared cheeks creating an ideal splitting wedge profile.  The butt end, opposite to the blade, can be used as a sledge hammer. The turn-around hook on the lower blade is helpful for moving and turning logs.

• C45 high grade carbon steel 
• Open die drop forged by hand, heat treated, and oil-hardened 
• Approximately 53-56HRC (Rockwell) 
• Hand ground and sharpened bit / blade 
• Stamped with 'Helko' crown mark

• Crafted from Grade 'A' American hickory 
• Individually selected for grain orientation and density 
• Hand finished with boiled linseed oil 
• Traditionally hung using softwood wedge and round steel ring wedge