Covid-19 FAQ's

What we are doing

Do you provide hand sanitizers?

Yes, we do. They will be located throughout all of our venues.

Do you have a regular cleaning schedule?

Yes, as part of our normal routine cleaning regularly takes place and has recently been increased in frequency as per government guidelines.

Will your toilets be open?

Yes, toilets will be open in venues and are continually sanitized throughout sessions.

Do you have social distancing measures in place?

Yes, all of our lanes are segregated to the minimum distancing rules. Where possible we will increase distancing by using an every other lane approach. Lane markings have also been placed to asssit in managing player positionings whilst off lanes.

Have you adjusted venues for flow purposes?

Where possible in our larger venues we have created clearly marked passing systems.

Have you reduced the number of players per session?

Yes, following government guidelines the maximum number of players per group booking we allow is 6. The maximum number of players on each of our lanes is 4. Therefore a group of 5 or 6 will be spread across 2 neighbouring lanes.

Have your staff been Covid-19 trained?

Yes, we have produced an online portal for all of our employees which features a comprehensive training programme. Systems are also in place to ensure Covid-19 measures are recorded and securley stored online for continual review.

Will your staff be wearing PPE?

Yes, all staff are required to wear face coverings throughout the venue. Where cash is being tendered staff will be required to also wear gloves.

Have your staff been Covid-19 tested?

Our staff will only have been tested if instructed to do so by the relevant health authorites or if they are displaying symptoms. All of our staff are required to self certify that they do not exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms prior to their shift commencing. Additionally, upon arrival they are temperature checked.

Will you be supplying drinks and snacks?

Yes, we will. However, in order to reduce risk and movement around our venues we are urging players to order drinks and snacks from the playing lanes. These can be paid for by card and brought to you by our team.

Will you be supplying merchandise?

Yes, merchandise will be available.


What we need you to do

What do we need to do before we arrive?

We would ask that all of your playing party are asked if they are free of any Covid-19 symptoms. This will allow you to re-evaluate your booking as necessary.

Are we temperature checked upon arrival?

To keep everyone safe yes we are. We have lazer temperature recorders which are very quick and easy.

Do we have to complete any forms upon arrival?

Yes, you have our standard waiver form which has now been modified to allow for a players name and address for track and trace purposes. You will be asked to pick up an unused pencil and upon completion of the form place the form in a box and the pencil in a used pencil container. 

Are we required to wear any PPE?

Yes, we now require you to wear a face mask in our venues. Because of throwing safety we do not allow the wearing of gloves.

Are we given our own axe?

Yes, you are given your own axe during the throwing safety demonstration and we ask that you keep to using your own axe throughout your session.

Will we have to queue upon arrival?

Depending on venue capacity we may ask you to remain outside until called in. We do hope to avoid this where possible.

Are we allowed to bring along spectators?

At this time and due to reduced capacity we are not allowing spectators. In the case of a guardian responsible for a playing child, this is allowed but will need to be included as a paying player on the online booking. 

Are you allowing walk-in players?

If capacity allows, but to avoid being refused entry please do telephone ahead of arrival or book online.

Are we allowed to move around the venue freely?

Yes, we do allow. However, please follow flow and movement guides where possible. It is important to follow your own common sense to maintain minimum distancing between other players and staff within in the venue.

Are we allowed to purchase items in venue?

Yes, where possible service will be carried out on your playing lanes or where this is not possible service can be completed at our counters.

Are we allowed to pay for items using cash?

We would encourage card payments but do accept cash if required.

Do we have to leave the venue differently to arriving?

There will be additional exit points and our staff will advise players in our venues.

Do you have visual guidance in your venues?

Yes, signage will be displayed throughout venues to assist in risk management.

What if we have to cancel prior to our booking?

Please do get in touch as soon as possible where we are more than happy to make ammendments to your booking. We now have live chat, venue direct emailing and venue dedicated telephone numbers.