Mobile Trailer FAQ's

What kind of events use your trailers?

We’re able to attend a whole host of events. Our most popular include weddings, fairs, fetes, festivals, corporate events and private parties.

What will I get when I hire a trailer?

Well, each of our trailers boasts a two lane axe throwing platform. We’ll bring a good stock of target boards and axes along with your optional gaming extras. Most importantly, you’ll get two fully trained operatives to ensure players both hit the target and have a great time.

What are your trailer dimensions?

Our trailers are typically 6m long and 2.5m wide. The height of our trailers are 3m.

What kind of site access is required?

It is important to consider turning access for our vehicles and attached trailers. We also recommend that anything over hanging the access route such as tree branches are above the 3m height level so as to not interfere with the trailer frame work. We are always happy to receive photos of the access if you are unsure. Please also consider raised obstacles such as kerb stones etc.

Can you site the trailer on grass?

Yes, we can set up on grass. If you anticipate a soft surface such as a waterlogged / muddy field please advise prior to our arrival.

How many people can use the trailer?

Two players can play at any one time. Our typical format is individual scored rounds of 10 throws. Alternatively, 2 players can compete alongside in a scored 10 throw game. Of course, many players prefer to perfect their throwing skills with no scoring being recorded. All that being said, our trailers can entertain comfortably 20-30 players and more if used in conjunction with the Hammerschlagen option gaming extra.

What is the target arrangement?

Our targets are slightly smaller than our venue based targets. Scoring consists of multiple rings ranging from 1 to 3 points. The bullseye is worth 5 points and the blue dots are worth 10 points.

What are the optional gaming extras?

We offer a range of additional games. We can provide apples for hanging in front of the targets for some good old fruit smashing. Additionally we can also bring along zombie strike target posters (good with the kids). For corporate events we can switch to tournament mode and bring along one of our Blackforest premium throwing axes as a winning prize.

For larger groups of players we do recommend opting for the Hammerschlagen. This is a great way of ensuring players are entertained whilst not throwing - a must in our opinion.

What is Hammerschlagen?

It’s a game of skill using log stumps, hammers and nails - and is a great way of deciding who’s buying the next round of drinks down the pub! It is also a blast for the young players wanting to beat Mum and Dad! Details can be found via our website menu.

Is the activity safe and do you provide instruction?

Yes, it is entirely safe. There is always an instructor on the trailer with the players providing both throwing advice and safety guidance. Our trailers are completely enclosed and viewing can be to both sides and the rear.

What is the minimum age requirement?

As with our venues we have set the minimum age at 8 years providing a parent or guardian is in attendance.

How much does it cost to hire a trailer?

Hire prices range from £295 for 2 hours through to £495 for 6 hours use.

Do the hire charges include VAT?

Yes, our charges include VAT at 20%.

Do you require payment upfront?

To hire a trailer we do require full payment upfront which is payable upon booking via our online platform.

What is your hire area coverage?

Please check our booking system for current area availability.

What are the hire start times?

Start times vary depending on the length of hire. Please check our booking system for our full range of starting times.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have full liability cover. Our policy schedule is available to view via our website menu system.

Can you hire a trailer for more than one day?

Yes, of course. If requiring for additional consecutive days we do recommend getting in touch where a tailored quotation can be offered.

Can you hire multiple trailers?

Yes, we can. Again please get in touch for a tailored quotation.

What is the latest time the hire can finish?

The latest we can finish is 10pm.

I only require a trailer for a short time - can you do this?

Yes, we can do a 2 hour hire.

How long does it take to set up when you arrive?

From arrival to first throw 15-20 minutes. We will always arrive 30 minutes before your starting hire time.

Can the trailer be used in poor light / dark times of day?

Yes, each of our trailers are fitted with all round festoon lights.

Do you require any power?

We do carry a portable generator for our lighting so a power supply is not essential.

What happens if it is raining on my hire day?

If it is raining on the day we hope all is not lost. We do carry canvas covers for our trailers and pop up gazebos for waiting players. This is all we can do if faced with rain. It is unfortunate when faced with adverse weather conditions but we must warn that the risk of loss of use due to weather is carried by the hirer.

What happens if my plans have changed?

If your plans change then please do let us know as soon as possible. We are happy to grant full refunds if outside of 14 days prior to the hire taking place. If within 14 days of the hire taking place there will be a 25% cancellation fee and if within 7 days of the hire taking place a 40% cancellation fee.

We have alcohol at our event, is this a problem?

What events don’t! - Our team are trained to manage players and if a player appears to be too intoxicated they will be politely asked to retire from throwing.

How do I check availability / book a trailer?

Our online booking system displays trailer availability in real time. So simply select your date and if a starting time appears then it is available. To book a trailer simply select a start time and proceed through to the final stages of booking.